Limp (2013) – By Brian Morton

Loneliness can do strange things to a person, and if that person has lived an entire life isolated from human contact, who knows what it might do to you. Well, Shaun Ryan takes a stab at one scenario with his new movie, Limp.

Limp is about a man who has no clue about interpersonal contact, and because of that he’s built up relationships in his mind, one involving a woman he works with….who he’s taken home with him, although she’s no longer alive, that doesn’t matter, the relationship seems to be pretty good! And, all goes well until reality begins to intrude on our hero, then things begin to spiral in fairly quickly in his fantasy life.

Limp is a very interesting movie, that ends in a wonderful way…well, wonderful for a movie that centers around a weirdo and a dead girl. Well written, perfectly acted, Limp is an amazing movie that teaches us that that guy in the cubicle next to us might need to have someone watching him!

I’m giving Limp 4 out of 4 cigars, it’s very cool and, in the end, will make you think about those people you see, who you might not want to talk to! Find out more by heading over to