Linda LeThorn & The Musicbox (2012) – By Misty Layne


What the what?? I’m not sure what kind of madness this was but it was equal parts creepy AF and totally ridiculous (in a good way). It’s like early John Waters mated with Jan Svankmajer and out popped this baby. SO funky & weird!

Linda LeThorn is a pet-sitter/dog-walker who seems a little off anyway, but then her REALLY scary Aunt Lucinda dies and leaves her random things like a vacation pamphlet and one of those glass musicboxes (you know, where they’re round and have a glass lid with a figurine on top?). Unfortunately for Linda, the musicbox is possessed by Aunt Lucinda who has (had?) some wicked major issues going on (and was verbally abusive, to boot). This all results in Linda engaging in some…interesting living room dancing…missing work, barely leaving the apartment, and starting a really really really disgusting skin picking club (it was so bad. so very bad. no warning was to be had. just BLEHCK). At least at the skin picking club, Linda meets a nice girl – one who really does seem like a lot of fun and thinks she’s absolutely lovely – who tries to help her out of her predicament. Will Aunt Lucinda rage with jealousy? Will Linda find true love?

This short had some amazing shots in it – some really trippy shit that I adored. Color splashes and crane shots; it was all very on fleek. Andrea Fares as Linda was phenomenal. I was wickedly uncomfortable with what was happening but equally rooting for her to, like, exorcise Aunt Lucinda and win the girl. Her strung-out appearance and compelete monotone plus crazy eyes performance was perfect. Director/writer, Meg Skaff, has something special here with Linda LeThorn & the Musicbox, that’s for sure.

Go find out more about Linda and Aunt Lucinda over on IMDB – just watch out for the super-gross parts!