Live Life Dearest (2013) – By Misty Layne

Oh my gosh, guys, this movie is just…wow. I’m almost speechless but in that really oh so good way. Live Life Dearest is an experimental piece of work, a short film culled together from home movies to form one beautifully lyrical piece of poetry. Wait, here, I’ll let the director explain it a little better:

“Live Life Dearest is a movie in which is introduced a new way of understanding cinema. For the first time in years the concept of a movie made "for you and made by you" has come to life.  For several years director has collected a series of home made footage from different people from around the globe which had been re-edited and restored for telling a story about dreams, nostalgia, failure, love, lust and loneliness. In a tale in which memories are just a way of exorsizing demons, regrets and kharmas. Every donor of the film, has been included on its credits as producer of this dream that is ready to come to life. Personalities such as Tim van den Hoff, director of some Lana del Rey´s videoclips is the executive producer, Harley Grady, one of the best time-lapse directors, Saray Pavón a spanish poet let us use her voice on voice overs and Kevin MacLeod, is the outstanding musician of this new feature length film.”

If you think it sounds pretty cool, it is. The whole film includes that scratchy quality that you only get from old home movies and is pieced together so well and in such a way that the film flows from one story to the next. All dialogue is done via voiceover so you can pay attention to what’s happening on screen and trust me when I say you want to pay attention. Even with this being culled from home made footage, there are some absolutely breathtaking shots, especially of the night sky in what looks to be the desert. That particular shot was so beautiful it almost makes you weep.

And the stories told range from youth to elderly, love to lust, memories to dust, joy to depression, seeking to finding and everything in between. This film is a compelling look at what it means to be human, what it means to feel and be and the art of it is astounding. I highly, highly recommend Live Life Dearest. It offers hope and meaning to what can oft feel a dull and meaningless existence. Watch and realize that you aren’t alone and there’s so much more to life than you see.

For more information on Live Life Dearest, check out their IMDB page or their website.