Living After Midnight (2016) – By Loida Garcia


You and your boys are hanging out after work.  They are desperately trying to cheer your Eyore ass up since all you can do is mope around about some girl or other.  Everyone is running out of ideas so what do you end up doing?  You go out to a club of course!  Not just any club, only the emptiest, worst music (that you pretend is too loud) club will do.  You get there super early and then gripe about no one else being there.  You sit for 5 minutes and text each other as you pretend that the horrible music selection (no club plays that music) is too loud.  You and your guys decide to leave and on your way back to the car (how you couldn’t find parking right next to this empty club is beyond me) one of your non intelligent friends decides that it’s a wonderful idea to pull out an illegal gun and shoot another of your friends…dead.  Oh no!  What do you do now?!?  Oh but wait, you also have girl problems to deal with…

And this is the story of Living After Midnight.

Where to start…

I have seen much worse films…much….BUT this is not submission worthy either.  I give Illumination Cinemas kudos on making their first film.  I know that this is a feat all on its own, and film making is the best way to learn!  But not every film you make should be submitted…. With that said, below is a list of areas of improvement.

●    Story/script – Dramas are a pain in the ass to make.  They fully rely on a strong as fuck conversation script.  None of the conversations in this filmed seemed natural.  Because of this the acting looked even worse.  If your next film is going to depend a lot on conversations like this one did take your time to do some research.  Listen to people having conversations, record them, feel the flow of it.
●    Audio – FOR PETE’S SAKE WORK ON YOUR AUDIO!!!!  Nothing will make a movie look like shit faster than horrible audio.  Not only did it automatically sound like crap but it was horribly inconsistent on volume and such.  Please please please, work on your audio!
●    Composition – Guys, please pay attention to your composition.  There were more than a few shots where the camera wasn’t even level (and trying to excuse it as an artistic shot didn’t work).
●    Acting – Ugh.  Being that the script was so bad I hate to even mention this… There is loads (LOADS) of room for improvement on this….
●    Lighting – HOLY FUCK!!  Come on!  Seriously!?!!  Just take another look at the film, you’ll see just how horrible the lighting is….. When the trash in the background is fully lit and fully in focus while your main character is in the shadows and fuzzy as fuck…well, you yourself are subconsciously admitting that this movie is trash…Just saying.

Overall, keep making films guys.  Keep learning and growing.  Make mistakes, this is how you learn…but for the love of all that is fuzzy and sparkly DO NOT SUBMIT EVERYTHING YOU MAKE!

This was a horrible attempt at a male drama, I’m sure the BTS was more entertaining.

My Personal Review:

Rating Scale:  Movie Theatre, Redbox Rental, or Skip It — Skip It

Cheese Factor:  Vegan (no cheese), Taleggio, Limburger, Stinking Bishop —  Stinking Bishop