Lost (2011) – By Duane L. Martin

Lost is a short film from Boomarang Entertainment in which a guy returns from a concert tour in Europe to find that his life has basically gone to hell. First thing back, the airline lost his luggage, so he has to deal with two really caustic airline employees to report it. Then he goes home and finds his girlfriend that he was planning on proposing to, cheating on him. Then he goes home, and finds out that his mom and dad are getting divorced. Seeking refuge from all of his problems, he ends up sleeping with an old acquaintance after she slips him some ectasy, and forgets to wear a condom. Then he goes to a party with his friend, and when he leaves, he gets in an accident with another guy, and all the problems he’s been having boil over and he ends up beating the guy to death. Now all he can do is try to get away, before anyone finds out what he did.

This film is basically about how much can go wrong in a person’s life all at once. It starts out with his luggage being lost, and then ultimately ends up with every good thing in his life being lost as well. The film itself is interspersed with quick edits of what he’s actually thinking rather than what he’s saying, which gives an interesting insight into the character.

The film itself is just a short, but manages to tell the story quite well. While there are a few amusing aspects to the film, it’s mostly a serious story and leaves you really kind of feeling for the guy whose life has just spiraled out of control through no fault of his own. It’s not a bad film by any means, but it is kind of a downer, so it may not be for everyone. The acting is generally quite good by almost everyone in the cast and they do a great job of telling the story and bringing out the emotions of the characters. All in all, a well made, yet depressing film.

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