Lost in Thailand (2012) – By Duane L. Martin

Xu Lang is a scientist who’s created a substance called a Supergas Petroleum Enhancer, which when added to alcohol or petroleum will greatly increase its volume, thereby reducing the need for fuel. There’s just one problem. The biggest shareholder in the company he works for, Mr. Zhou, is currently in Thailand meditating at one of the temples and he’s the only one who can grant him the power of attorney he needs to continue on with his research. That’s not his only problem however. He also has a one time friend who’s now his rival named Gao Bo who’s trying to beat him to Mr. Zhao in Thailand because he wants to secure the power of attorney for himself so he can sell the formula to the French. Now the race is on to see who can get to Mr. Zhao first. That’s where Xu’s third problem comes into play.

He meets a guy on the plane named Baobao who’s also going to Thailand, and to call him a moron would be an insult to morons. However, fate inserts itself and suddenly Xu finds himself with a traveling companion he neither wanted or needed. At least, he didn’t need him until he lost his passport in the back of a cab. As it turns out, Baobao needed him too because he had a passport but no money. So the pair make a deal. Baobao will help him get to Mr. Zhao if Xu helps him do all the things he has on his list to do in Thailand while he’s there. Wish so much at stake, it’s a desperate race to the finish, but who will win? You’ll have to watch the film to find out.

Ok, before I even get into anything here, I need to comment on something that’s on the front cover of this release. It’s a quote from The Hollywood Reporter that reads, "China’s answer to The Hangover."

I’m sorry, but if they think this film is anything like The Hangover then they must have been watching a completely different film than I did. This film is nothing at all like The Hangover. First off, The Hangover was one of the most overrated, over-hyped films of all time, and it wasn’t even all that funny. Plus, it was about a bunch of guys who went to Vegas, got puking drunk and woke up the next day not even remembering what the hell happened. This film isn’t even remotely about any of that, nor is it similar in any way. Let me tell you what it is…

This film is not only funny and incredibly entertaining, but it has an amazing amount of heart. Baobao is a complete and total pain in the ass right from the get go, but the relationship that builds between him and Xu throughout the film is really wonderful to watch. Even the "bad guy", Gao Bo really isn’t bad so much as he is greedy and ambitious.

The fun parts of this film come from both Baobao’s irritatingly hilarious antics and the fact that Gao Bo and Xu are constantly trying to screw each other over in an effort to get to Mr. Zhao first. They really go through hell trying to get to him too. Baobao tags along like a champ, helping out as much as he can, though his help doesn’t always turns out as expected and sometimes ends up causing them even more problems.

Thailand is a really beautiful country, and throughout the film you get to see quite a bit of it as they make their trek to the temple. You get to see everything from cities to farms to jungles to rivers to Buddhist temples. It’s all on display and it’s absolutely gorgeous. It really is the perfect place for this type of an adventure just because they get to travel through so many different places. It makes it feel like they’re really going somewhere rather than just trekking from one part of the city to another.

This new release from Well Go USA comes with a making of featurette and the films trailer as special features. The visual quality is gorgeous and the sound is excellent.

I would absolutely love to see more films like this coming out of China. The historical, CGI filled dramas and the crime films have all been done to death. This film was creative, fun and had characters you could really pull for. You should definitely consider adding this film to your collection, not just because it’s a great film, but because it’s a great film that you’ll want to watch again and again down the road.

If you’d like to find out more about this film, you can check out its page on the Well Go USA website here, and if you’d like to get a copy for yourself, you can get the DVD or blu-ray from Amazon or from any of the other usual outlets.