Love: A Documentary (2011) – By Brian Morton

Every office has one. That ‘weird’ guy who everyone sort of shuns and talks about behind his back. Well, a new movie by David Ash called Love: A Documentary, follows one such guy from one such office.

His name is John and, while a documentary crew is filming in his office, on an unrelated topic, he’s discovered. John’s not your normal guy, John feels that love is the most important thing in life….and he’s trying to convince everyone that it’s a fact of life and that they should love each other…which makes John kind of a weirdo.

We see his co-workers mocking him and talking behind his back, we see John desperately trying to fit in with them and trying to show them the ‘wisdom of his ways’ and, in the end, John is made an outcast just because he wants everyone to get along.

Love: A Documentary is a very interesting movie, you can almost believe that this is real. The acting is very good, the topic is something that we can all see happening in our workplace. The movie starts off funny and slowly we begin to feel sorry for John, a guy who just wants the world to be a better place. I’m giving Love: A Documentary 3 out of 4 cigars, it’s not perfect, but it’s a pretty entertaining (and thought provoking) movie that’s well worth your time! Put a little love in your heart over at