Love a la Carte (2014) – By Loida Garcia

WARNING:  What you are about to read are my thoughts during this film.  

There are just some films out there that require a play by play of the critiques thoughts, this is one of them…

First Impressions of the trailer:  *Cringe*…. It almost feels as if the director is trying to give it certain touches of “Shock Treatment”….Not the best choice.  

Documentary style in the beginning, rather amusing and the amount of nudity in just the first 10 seconds or so is a pretty big warning as to what’s ahead.  A soft core porn maybe?  Let’s see.

No maybe about it…. This is a soft core porn.  What I see as an excuse to make a porno and still be able to get it out to the public.  I am honestly not looking forward to this, either way, let’s keep marching onward.  I still have an hour and twenty seven minutes left…

Those graphics, really?  I don’t understand how someone can expect their movie to be taken seriously when they use those childish (and by childish I mean something a 5 year old girl would find “cute”) graphics in your opening sequence.  *shakes head and looks at her watch*

Please rethink your “music” (if that can be called music) selection.  The song chosen for the opening title sequence ridiculous to the extreme that not even teenage boys would find it funny.

Four minutes in….Still a porn.  *face palm*  There is a way to make a comedy based on sex (Zack and Miri Make A Porno) that is tasteful and still pushes the limits at the same time.  Love a la Carte is the opposite.  

I am enjoying the narrated documentary style, so far it’s the only redeemable quality.

I will retract my previous statement.  It seems that the underlying context is making some good points regarding marriage and sex.

So far, as long a I put the cheesiness (and over saturation of porn like sex) aside, the basic storyline of this film is good.  What happens when your marriage hits a sexual slump and only one of you sees it as a problem?  At what point is it okay to stray and find affection elsewhere while still staying in your marriage?  So far Love a la Carte presents an interesting view on the subject.

Again with the nudity, the unnecessary nudity.  This is what lowers the quality of this film.  I’m not a prude by any means.  I’m all for the beauty of the naked human body, but when it comes to film there is a right time for it and a wrong time.  When you have nudity just for nudity’s sake, without there being the proper context for it it just kills the film.  Come on!  

I’ve been watching this film for a little over 57 minutes and I have finally come across a flat actress.  By flat I mean not good.  Everyone so far has been doing a good job portraying their character rather naturally.  This is a massive KUDOS by the way!  Unfortunately 57 minutes in we come across someone completely flat.  Now I will leave it as the possibility that her character just wasn’t written well, but being that all the other characters don’t seem to have that problem I am not betting on it.  

Ah… A twist, the other person’s point of view.  Now some of the beginning is making sense!  The first part of the film is the husband’s point of view (which was being portrayed how I would imagine a teenage boy’s drunk sexual fun house dream may be) while the second part is the wife’s point of view.

The End….Finally…

Overall, I see what the director was wanting to accomplish with this film.  The story itself is a good one.  One that many people experience in some way during their marriage.  This movie shows us the good, the bad, the ugly, and how to get out of that cycle.  For that I give this film kudos.  When it comes to the “quality” it isn’t that great.  But that can be due to not having enough experience and/or not having the right person to help with the artistic aspect of it as well as relying too much on sex (softcore porn) instead of the message.  This feels like a rough draft to what otherwise would be a decent quality romantic comedy.  It was a struggle to get through but it did end on a higher note than it started.  

My Personal Review:

Rating Scale:  Movie Theatre, Redbox Rental, or Skip It — Redbox Rental (If there’s nothing else)

Cheese Factor:  Vegan (no cheese), Teleggio, Limburger, Stinking Bishop — Limburger.