Lovecracked The Movie (2006) – By Brian Morton

 When you cross comedy with horror you’re always in some dangerous territory, it’s a high-wire act that’s hard to do and, sadly, most of the people who try it, fail miserably! Well, I just watched Lovecracked The Movie and I have to admit, what I thought was going to be a trainwreck isn’t nearly so bad!

Lovecracked The Movie begins as a mock-u-mentary about H.P. Lovecraft an inept documentarian (played by writer/director Elias) comes on the screen and, in what is a valiant attempt at Python-esque humor, does some pretty bad jokes. Then, what seemed to be a strange comedy doc takes a wild left turn and becomes an anthology movie! Lovecracked the movie has a little something for everyone, there’s the comedy of the wrap-arounds from our ‘documentary crew’ and then it takes a turn into horror, the best of which (in my personal opinion) is Chaos Of Flesh, although both Bugboy and Witch’s Spring are very good too, then another left into music video territory and there’s even a quick stop at softcore porn with the H.P. Lovecraft spoof, Re-Penetrator!

What Elias has put together here though, is a very strong group of short films that all have a Lovecraft-ian theme, each brings something different to the table and, despite the jokes being slightly bad (which I think they’re supposed to be) the wrap arounds by our ‘investigative journalist’ pull it all together into a semi-coherent movie. All in all, Lovecracked The Movie isn’t a bad way to spend a lazy weekend afternoon. If you’d like to check this out for yourself, drop on over to Biff Juggernaut’s Lovecracked The Movie page, whether you’re into Lovecraft, comedy or short movies, Lovecracked doesn’t disappoint. So, until next time when I’ll be sueing MTV for ruining my attention span, thereby allowing me to only enjoy short films, remember that the best movies are bad movies!