Lucid (2015) – By Misty Layne


LUCID is one of those 48 Hour Film Project shorts – one with an interesting concept and some interesting cinematography. The synopsis reads, “A disheartened woman journeys through her own mind.”, which is actually SPOILERS because you don’t quite understand fully what’s happening until the end. And while I like the concept of this journey, I’m not entirely sure I like the journey itself.

This woman’s journey comes about because of an attempted sexual assault – it’s actually what’s happening in her mind while the assault is being attempted. That part I find fascinating. The mind’s a funny place, especially in that situation. It’s the journey itself, however, that while having interesting elements and some wonderful cinematography, didn’t exactly fulfill.

We start the film with the woman in a red dress in a bar, waiting on someone, while she listens to a man singing rather badly. She then awakens with a start in a college math class. From there she moves to different scenes with her father and a rather random game show where people are shoving eggs into her arms (yeah, I don’t get it either unless it’s some “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” metaphor). Much like normal dreams, there are elements from real life – she’s actually wearing the red dress; the man attacking her is there – but what is the point of the rest exactly? Why so many scenes with her father? What does that have to do with anything? What the hell is up with that weird game show? It seemed an odd choice to have such clear representations of real life in certain scenes only to then have seemingly meaningless scenes follow. It disrupted the flow.

Otherwise I enjoyed LUCID. The dream-like scenes were all shot in different and interesting ways and not in the typical somewhat “fuzzy” manner. I very much enjoyed Marissa Carpio as the woman – as strange and somewhat stilted as her journey may have been, she completed it with grace and a plethora of emotion. And for something completed in only 48 hours, this looked GOOD. So while I had some issues with the script, I must give kudos where deserved and these guys do deserve them.

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