Lucidity (2016) – Jim Morazzini


Anyone who has had trouble sleeping knows the feeling of waking up and looking at the clock, hoping there’s enough time to get a bit more sleep before the alarm goes off. And the frustration of lucid dreams, where you know you’re dreaming but can neither wake up or go back to a deeper sleep. Something usually compounded by waking up at the point of the dream where you least want to come back to the real world.

Lucidity is the tale of a young man played by Valentin Shlyakhtichev who has three of these dreams as he’s trying to get a good night’s sleep. The only thing they share is the presence of a woman played by Charlotte Hayes who seems to have some meaning to the dreamer. The entire film is played out without dialogue, just a music score that sounds quite nice and matches the mood of what we are seeing. The setting range from night in a downtown neighborhood full of restaurants and bars to daytime in a more residential area and finally a rural landscape. All are well shot and enjoyable to watch, the film never feels like it’s trying to be artsy it has a nice natural flow.

Written, produced and scored by the team of Matthew Fisher, Charlotte Hayes and James Green, and directed by Joseph Wright, Lucidity has been entered into two London film festivals, London independent film festival (LIFF) and London short film festival (LSFF) for 2017. Hopefully there will be more festivals added to the list, this is an enjoyable little film that deserves to be seen.