Lucky (2013) – By Christian Nelson

The cats over at Unscripted: An Indie Film Xperience Film School are cooking up their fair share. Two winning screenplays were made into films, with cast and crew assigned from the local community. I got the chance to watch Lucky, directed by Jakob Bilinski and written by Todd Martin.

Clocking in at a brisk 8.5 minutes, Lucky features Louisa Torres, a young woman hitting the books at a local library. She’s soon visited by a tall, dark stranger, played by Dillon Schueller. We learn of a killer stalking the streets known as the Downtown Devil, who might just be one of the patrons in the library. When tensions rise, and things start to get physical, the Devil soon learns he’s met his match.

The film takes its time showing us Louisa’s furious study habits, perhaps a little too much time. I like how Bilinski keeps the camera moving throughout. I just wish some of those shots weren’t handheld. The chemistry between the two main characters seems lacking, but manages to keep you afloat to the end, which is a surprisingly well-made action sequence. Overall, the film is a fun ride that doesn’t require too much investment from the audience.