Luther The Geek (1988) – By Jason S. Lockard


Slasher movie fans rejoice blood soaked screens are on the way with the release of Luther the Geek on Blu-ray / DVD combo pack from Vinegar Syndrome.

As a young child Luther witnesses a band of men goading a geek (a man who bites off chicken’s heads and drinks the blood) into performing. In the process Luther bites his lip and likes the taste of blood and begins to act on those feelings. Flash forward some thirty years and a parole board is meeting to discuss Luther’s release. He is than unleashed, except now he has a special pair of customized metal teeth. What follows is typical slasher fare.

This Blu-ray / DVD combo pack release not only has the digitally remastered version of this slasher film, but includes a commentary by director Carlton Albright. An interview with Jerome Clark. A video introduction by the director, trailers and reversible artwork.

While I am not a fan of slasher flicks I know many are and this would make a great addition to someone’s collection. If you would like more info on this release head over to and you can pick up a copy for yourself today.

Moral Rating: violence, nudity and profanity
Audience: Adults
Genre: horror
Released: 2016
Rating: C