M4M:Seeks Love (2014) – By Misty Layne

Retired and lonely, Bob Metcalf is ready for a relationship, but finding a companion is easier said than done. Seventy years old and gay, Bob lives in a small rural community in northern Maine, over 150 miles from the nearest gay bar. Despite being computer illiterate, Bob decides to pin his hopes on an on-line personals ad in an attempt to find love at last.

While my heart breaks for Bob who clearly is lonely, I didn’t feel this film did his situation any justice. The film clocks in just under 4 minutes and mostly consists of some images of Bob alone at home and then Bob briefly telling us about meeting a man or potential matches on line (and when I say briefly I mean approximately one sentence). The film seemed less documentary and more art project (and it did just finish a run in an NYC art installation in November) but even the art project was more macaroni art than paper mache .

While I understand you can only do so much in 4 minutes, I’ve seen much better done in so and there are much better documentaries out there about gay men. I don’t know how many documentaries are about men in Bob’s age demographic (and that’s one reason the director chose him so as to get a look into “a part of queer life he’d never heard before”) which does make this unique but its unique subject is all it has going for it.

To learn more about M4M:Seeks Love, visit their website! – http://artlessmedia.com/2014/11/m4m-seeks-love