Mail Time (2016) – By Misty Layne


Okay, guys. This short film is just too, too totes adorbs! It’s all about a mailman who plays around with silly little magic tricks on his daily route, with some people being “meh” about seeing it and others being “yay!”. Unfortunately, it’s more “meh” than “yay!” and things get super-monotonous. What’s a mailman to do? Learn actual magic, of course!! That’s when things get really good.

Timothy J. Cox is absolutely fabulous as our titular mail hero. Seeing as how there’s no dialogue in the film, we have to rely heavily on his facial expressions and body language, and it all tells quite the story. Timothy takes us from satisfied, to completely down, to mesmerized, to excited, and more. It’s a delight watching him perform his magician act.

And the magic is fun too. There’s nothing super complicated – no Harry Potteresque tricks – but my favorite is definitely the flying letter to the cute (and sweet) girl sitting on her stoop. It’s (again) super adorable. Not to mention, magic ends up helping our mail guy out of a tight spot or two out on the mean streets of the city.

Definitely check MAIL TIME out and regain that feeling, that sense of wonder people tend to have as children. It’s more than worth your time. You can find out more over on IMDB! Happy viewing!