Mallas, MA (2013) – By Brian Morton

The 48 Hour Film Project is a very cool event, and a challenge for filmmakers. And, sometimes, in 48 hours, you can come up with a very cool short film. That’s exactly what Sean Meehan and his Fix-It-In-Post crew have done with Mallas, MA.

The story here is about two con men who travel to small towns and do ‘ghost-hunting’. The problem is that there aren’t any real ghosts, they just find a way to make people think there are so they’ll get paid for ‘cleaning’ the town. The problem comes when one of them has a crisis of conscience and tells the world that there are no ghosts…but is he wrong????

This is a pretty cool short, and made that much more impressive by the fact that it was all pulled together in only 2 days. The acting is terrific, the story is great and it’s a short that’s more than worth your time! I’m giving Mallas, MA 4 out of 4 cigars, it’s fun and, it’s what most of us think about ‘paranormal investigators’ anyway! Check it out for yourself by heading over to