Margie: A Retirement Tale (2014) – By Brian Morton

As we get older, we begin to notice that things change. Not just physically, but our attitudes too. Oh, we’re still the same people, just a bit more tired and a bit more worn, but, inside we’re exactly the same, we don’t feel any different and, sometimes, we long to go back to our younger, hungrier days. That’s the basic idea behind Margie: A Retirement Tale.

Margie and her husband are older and have been married for quite a while. But, they’ve gotten into a bit of a routine, he comes home, we have dinner, a bit of television and then off to bed. Well, Margie thinks that they should get back to their old, wilder days, and decides to spice up their marriage a bit. The problem is that, sometimes, when one partner thinks that the spark has gone out, the other thinks that it’s just kindled to perfection! So, when Margie calls a sex hotline and looks in other directions for some ‘advice’, you can see that it might get both uncomfortable and funny!

I’m giving Margie: A Retirement Tale 4 out of 4 cigars, it works on quite a few levels. It works as a comedy, seeing Margie talk to a phone sex hotline is quite funny, but it also works as a love story and as a tale of aging with a loved one. It’s a very funny and sweet movie that, if you don’t identify with it now, you will one day! You can find out more about the film and where you might be able to see it for yourself by heading over to