Marty and Doug’s New Religion (2011) – By Brian Morton

Religion is a very sensitive subject for most people. Luckily, I’m not one of those people, so I truly enjoyed Marty and Doug’s New Religion! The story here revolves around Marty and Doug, two loveable losers who don’t have much going for them. Marty enjoys going to church on Sunday, but only so he can grab a glimpse of the hot chick that goes there. It’s during one of these gawking sessions that the two hit upon the idea to create their own religion…all the better to meet girls, make money and keep from paying taxes!!! The plan is perfect, until Jesus gets involved and tries to keep the two from succeeding.

Marty and Doug’s New Religion is a very funny buddy comedy type of web-series that pokes fun at religion in a way that’s not offensive. I’m giving Marty and Doug’s New Religion 4 out of 4 cigars, the webisodes aren’t too long, they’re very funny and both Marty and Doug are characters that are likeable, so it’s well worth your time. Do yourself a favor and head over to and check this series out for yourself….or else you might find your very soul in peril!!!