Masculinity/Femininity (2014) – By Brian Morton

I really enjoy documentaries, and they can be about anything, I’m always interested in learning about new things, no matter what they are. So, when a doc about Masculinity and Femininity hit my inbox, I have to admit I was intrigued. And, even though it’s billed as ‘performance pieces’, it’s still a interesting look into what people think about gender and gender identity.

Through the piece, you’ll meet several people, both academic and artistic, both gay and straight, who have clear ideas about what gender is and how we see it. There are some interesting points made, and it will make you rethink some of your positions on some of those ‘weird’ people you see in public. Do you learn anything definitive? Not really, but you’ll get opinions from people from different walks of life, who you might not ordinarily think of as having a deep opinion about gender.

It’s a very interesting movie that will make you think about gender and how it’s perceived. It’s a doc of a different color, and one that will either make you think about something you never really considered before, or make you uncomfortable about what you do believe. I’m giving Masculinity/Femininity 3 out of 4 cigars, there are parts that are so ‘performance arty’ that they become confusing, but, for the most part, it’s an interesting look at something you generally don’t think about. Find out more at