Massacre at Femur Creek (2014) – By Misty Layne

Massacre at Femur Creek is a decent attempt at a short horror comedy but the humor in it is a bit too off-putting for the audience to enjoy. I’m not talking the dick and fart jokes, those were totally fine. But for a film set in the 80s, there was way too much reference to current generational fads in the form of a philosophical stoner. Had the joke only been about how the stoner guy liked taking selfies (though that term is, of course, never used), it would have been fine but alas, there were more. This, however, is my biggest complaint with Massacre so I guess in the grand scheme of things, the movie did well overall.

It starts off incredibly strong in the form of a hitchhiker who’s having a rough day. No one will pull over to pick her up, she’s only got one cigarette left and she can’t even get the damn thing lit. All that, plus the little matter of some really strange guy running right at her with a knife (which she is quick to note with a roll of the eyes and a sigh). Then we cut to the next day where a group of young men are hiking and camping to celebrate their friends birthday. Unbeknownst to them is the fact that the really strange guy with the knife that we saw early is also hanging out in the same woods. Might not be such a great birthday after all…

This is your pretty typical camping slasher flick but it holds out well with some fairly strong jokes (minus the ones mentioned in the first paragraph). And despite his philosophical musings about the future of satellites and his penchant for selfies, the stoner guy was without a doubt my favorite character. He was the most natural of the actors and had his comedic timing down. Massacre is an easy pill to swallow and you’ll have some fun doing so. Check out the production company’s Facebook page to learn more about Massacre at Femur Creek and all their latest happenings!