Masters Of Horror: Pick Me Up (2006) – By Brian Morton

 I have to admit that when I first heard of the Masters Of Horror series, I was very skeptical. I thought this would be nothing but vanity pieces from directors who were only getting jobs based on what they had done years ago. So, when I saw the first DVD release, I was very pleasantly surprised! It was one of the best horror movies I had ever seen. And, with each release, the series keeps getting better and better and that doesn’t change with the release of the Larry Cohen episode, Pick Me Up.

Larry Cohen is probably best remembered for his "Alive" series, It’s Alive, It Lives Again and Island Of The Alive, but in Pick Me Up, he shows us why he’s been tapped as one of the Masters…because he is! Larry takes two horror killer staples, the lone truck driver who kills people who he picks up along the highway and the lone hitchhiker who kills anyone dumb enough to pick him up and turns the killers against each other. Michael Moriarty is the truck driver, and he hasn’t given this great a performance since his Law And Order days. He’s joined by Warren Kole as the psychotic hitchhiker and there’s Fairuza Balk as a poor traveler who both killers have in their sights! And, like all the Masters Of Horror series, just when you think you know what to expect, it makes a left turn into stranger territory than you ever thought was possible!

I can’t recommend this movie highly enough, in fact every episode that I’ve seen from this series is great and each director sets out to prove why he was chosen as a Master Of Horror, and, I have to admit, for coming into the series skeptical, each director has made me eat my words and they’ve all proven why we horror fans should, indeed, bow down before them and proclaim them to be the masters! If you’d like to check out Pick Me Up or any of the Masters Of Horror series, you can drop over to either Anchor Bay Entertainment or Masters Of Horror to get Pick Me Up, if you’re skeptical, pick it up and prove your suspicions wrong, just like I did! So, until next time, when I’ll tell you about the time I picked up a hitchhiking truck driver, remember that the best movies are bad movies.