Mating Dome (2012) – By Philip Smolen

Joe (Joe Whelski) is ready to get it on. He’s part of a futuristic society where everybody goes to ‘Mating Domes” for quick unencumbered sexual encounters. Citizens also ‘reconfigure’ themselves in order to find the perfect mate. Reconfiguring is a quick surgical procedure that eliminates a person’s physical imperfections and endows them with amazing and desirable body parts. This is important because the motto of this new age society is “a hot person is a happy person.” Then once you’re reconfigured, all you need do is approach an individual of the opposite sex and ‘towel off’ (expose your genitalia to your potential partner for their approval). Joe, however, is having trouble. He’s old fashioned and prefers the old way of meeting a mate. He isn’t quite sure if Mating Domes are for him.

“Mating Dome” is a light-hearted 11 minute spoof of human sexual behavior and society’s current obsession about being physically desirable. Director John T. Trigonis and screenwriter Joe Whelski have their tongues planted firmly in their cheeks as they mock the media’s current ability to prey on our insecurities. They’re lamenting our loss of innocence as well as Madison Avenue’s hostile takeover of our bodies.

This smart, satiric film is spot on and full of sly dialogue and laugh-out-loud situations. Featuring a remarkable young cast (including current YouTube sensation Lauren Francesca), “Mating Dome” is a very special short. It gets you to think as well as laugh.
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