Maybe Tomorrow (2012) – By Misty Layne

“Three men. One night. A crime that would sever their friendships but connect them to each other for life. After spending the last fifteen years trying to deny it, they will finally be forced to revisit the one night that changed their lives.”

Maybe Tomorrow by Michael Wolfe follows these three men, Russ, Graham and Evan, as they journey towards resolution and the hope of a brighter tomorrow. After spending the last 15 years in and out of prison, at his most current trial, Russ blackmails Graham, the Manhattan District Attorney into getting him off the hook. But what exactly is it that Russ knows about Graham’s past and how does Graham’s Chief of Staff, Evan fit into the equation?

Simplistically told, Maybe Tomorrow is an intense, character driven piece that piles on the drama of the disintegration and potential rebuilding of relationships, whether they be friendly or intimate. Each character here is dealing with a life of ruins, a life of failed dreams or a life of pretenses and each has reached their breaking point whether they know it or not. Every performance here is done well, down to the bit players and Michael Wolfe as Russ is particularly strong. While the story itself isn’t a new one, it stands apart from the others by its focus on each man both as an individual and as part of the group and holds its own against any mainstream film of the same genre.

The location is kept mainly to one place, a beach house, and the beach itself plays well as the backdrop for the crimes and misdemeanors mentioned within. The cinematography displayed here is superb – both clear and simple with no distractions to the story at hand. Truly, the only complaint I have with Maybe Tomorrow is that at times it seemed to drag and there were a couple of moments that would have made for a nice conclusion but instead the film continued on.

I’m definitely interested to see what the future holds for Mr. Wolfe and if character dramas are your thing, then this is one film you don’t want to miss. If you’d like to learn more about Maybe Tomorrow, you can visit their website to view the trailer and photoboards, find out info on the actors and filmmakers and more.