Means to an End (2005) – By Duane L. Martin

Recently Paul Solet sent me a short film that he and Jake Hamilton made called Means to an End. Basically it’s about two special effects guys who are trying to get recognition for their work and have been sending out scripts and what not trying to get a movie made. Unfrotunately for them, they haven’t had much luck. Eventually they hit upon the idea that the best special effects aren’t effects at all, but real. To that end, they come up with their own film in which they basically hack, drill, slice, shoot and otherwise mutilate each other.

This is a short film, and yet another gem in my ever growing collection of brilliant short films. It’s funny, well acted and the gore effects are a lot of fun and really cool looking. It’s very Troma-like in it’s feel and has been getting rave reviews at various film festivals.

Again, I’ve been so lucky lately to have been inundated with great short films like this from people with the creative genius that Hollywood seems to have predominantly lost sometime after the late 40’s. These guys, Paul Solet and Jake Hamilton, have made a fun and clever film, and looking at their website, it says something about them making a feature length version, which would be awesome.

Now on their website in their contact section, it says they need help with various things. So I’m going to paste that part here and if you’re in a position to help these guys out with anything they need, please contact them. There’s lots of creativity here just waiting to be taken advantage of.

From the website:

Option “C” needs your help. Distribution, funding and quality representation are all needed. To join us in the quest, you may write or call Option “C” Productions at:

Paul Solet
Option C Productions


Jake Hamilton