Meet Me There (2014) – By Brian Morton

What do you do when you’re in couple’s therapy and your girlfriend can’t remember large portions of her childhood? Well, you take her back home to see if anything stirs inside her…naturally! Well, in a new movie from Lex Lybrand called Meet Me There, this is exactly what happens…and it doesn’t go the way you might imagine!

Ada and Calvin are the couple in question and they head back to the small Oklahoma town that Ada grew up in. The problem is that, first, the town isn’t that welcoming to strangers…or people who have moved away and are visiting…and second, something very strange is going on! Soon, Calvin and Ada find themselves at the mercy of a bizarre preacher and a congregation of seeming Satan worshipers who are determined that they won’t be leaving town again!

A sort of modern-day Devil’s Rain or Race With The Devil, Meet Me There captures all the creepy vibes that a 70s ‘devil’ movie had, while bringing into the current day. And, in the end, we’re left wondering what really went on in this town and who might be next!

I’m giving Meet Me There 4 out of 4 cigars, it’s well put together, the acting is great and it’s a throwback type of story that you don’t see much of today! You can find out more by heading over to