Megan is Missing (2010) – By Brian Morton

Every year 260,000 kids go missing. It’s a staggering number when you realize that most of them aren’t kidnapped, no note is ever delivered and no call is ever made, they’re just grabbed by twisted maniacs who want to hurt kids. It all becomes very real after you watch the new movie, Megan is Missing.

Megan Stewart is a fairly normal 14 year old; she’s a bit of a rebel and doesn’t get along that well with her mother…you know general teenaged behavior. Megan’s best friend, Amy, is the exact opposite of Megan, so much opposite that she’s actually considered a nerd in school. We follow Megan through her online communications and find that, like most teenagers today, Megan isn’t that smart about meeting people on the web. When she meets ‘Josh’, a guy who’s face we (the audience) never see his face. After Megan disappears, Amy tells the police and the press about ‘Josh’ and soon finds herself threatened by this internet predator. It’s not long before Amy goes missing as well, and that’s when things get tense for all of us watching. Amy’s video camera is recovered in the search for her, and we get to watch the last 20 minutes of video captured by it…and it’s going to make you lose sleep!!! It’s dark, it’s disturbing and it’s creepily realistic.

I’m giving Megan is Missing 4 out of 4 cigars, it’s not only a scary movie, it’s a movie endorsed by KlaasKids Foundation and there’s a short statement from Mark Klaas about the importance of the film. It’s a movie that will both scare the crap out of you and then make you think about the dangers of the world around us. Get a copy for yourself by heading over to And do it today!