Meow (2016) – By Philip Smolen


Samantha (Elenore Dendy) has just moved into an old apartment in the city. She’s reminded by her creepy landlord (Charles Hubbel) that the building has a strict no pet policy. Later that night Samantha goes outside to investigate a noise and when she returns to her apartment, she’s greeted by a friendly cat that she promptly names “Meow.” The feline and Samantha get along famously but her nosy landlord keeps returning, certain that his new tenant is harboring a pet. Slowly, Samantha begins to suspect that her cat may actually be quite dangerous. That’s because the pizza delivery guy went missing while at her door the other day and the fact that she found his severed finger in her cat’s litter box…

“Meow” is a 13 minute short film from writer/director Chris Jopp and it’s surprisingly effective and creepy. Jopp successfully captures his feline star’s aloof quality that makes it seem that the animal is quite capable of almost anything, including murder. His low POV shots from the cat’s perspective are also very effective and give the film a true feeling of menace.

Jopp also gets good performances from Elenore Dendy as the confused Samantha and Charles Hubbel as the weird landlord. They help sell the horror and make it feel real. The film also features a solid score by Fangg which helps ratchet up the fear factor. “Meow” is a superior horror short about a supernatural feline. It also succeeds in making one wonder what cats are really thinking about.

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