Milk Paton (2013) – By Misty Layne

What can I say about Milk Paton? Hilarious is the first word that comes to mind when I think about this carton of milk and his friends. Hysterical is a close second. And completely and totally twisted follows the other two. All of these make for one insanely good short film about a carton of milk and the friends he makes on his journey from city living to countryside to prison and more.

Milk Paton: The Motion Picture(s) are three hilarious action/black comedy films. Join Milk Paton; the City guy, Robert; the genius, Mark; the idiot and other characters as they are forced to learn the true meaning of friendship over the course of three wild adventures: a battle to the death, a prison break and a trip to a deadly theme park. And it’s all done in a unique style that mixes stop motion with live action and CG, allowing for fantastical action, locales and overall production values on an indie film budget.

I loved it, every single second of it. The way they filmed it with live actors (minus Milk, that is) and combining stop motion was just bloody brilliant. It’s almost like watching a live version of South Park, except a little less raunchy. The action is non-stop, as are the laughs. Honestly, I’ve never seen anything like this before and I couldn’t be happier that it came across my desk.

In the first short, Milk decides that he’s tired of city living and moves to the countryside only to find himself in a fight to the death over a girl. In the second, Milk’s criminal past is uncovered and he is sent to prison – will his friends be able to save him? And the third is a play on Jurassic Park that may just be my favorite yet.

If the adventures of a milk carton sounds like your idea of a good time (and trust me when I say it IS a good time), then you’ll love this hilarious mash-up film. I cannot recommend this enough. If you want to find out more about Milk Paton, check out the website where you can watch previews and even rent the movie for yourself. This is definitely the perfect cult movie lover’s movie!