Milkman (2014) – By Loida Garcia


You have your dream job, delivering milk to all of your lovely neighbors.  Everyone is cheerful, and your daily routine feels like a song and dance in a well loved musical.  Everything is exactly as it should be, including all of those awards recognizing how amazing you are.  Life is perfect….Until you find out that the last batch of milk you just delivered that morning was deadly!

Enter the movie Milkman by Garret Kennell.  A true masterpiece in my opinion.  The look and feel of it brought me back to a time I wish I had lived.  A life so crisp and perfect.  I was grinning from ear to ear from the very opening scene of this wonderful movie.  The score was superb to say the least and the cinematography was complete and utter perfection!  The presentation of this story is so overly comedic in all of the right places with just a touch of horror that it is practically impossible not to fall in love with it!

And what can I say about Mark Tierno, the milkman, this man is a pleasure to watch.  The type of actor I wish to film with someday myself.  My hats off to you sir!  You have made a vegan wish she could get her almond milk delivered by you every morning!

Everyone in this film went above and beyond to create this perfect little neighborhood, a little slice of heaven that met the most hilarious ending!

Thank you.  Thank you, for making something so wonderful to watch that I can not wait to share it with everyone I know.  And thank you for creating a movie of such a high quality that I aspire to reach someday myself.


My Personal Review:

Rating Scale:  Movie Theatre, Redbox Rental, or Skip It — Movie Theatre

Cheese Factor:  Vegan (no cheese), Taleggio, Limburger, Stinking Bishop — Vegan