Milkman (2015) – By Misty Layne


MILKMAN definitely has the quirk factor down, that’s for sure. Set up to look like a movie from the 1950s, the story is about a beloved neighborhood milkman who accidentally kills the entire neighborhood with his milk. Whoops. It’s also the story of a milkman and his estranged family though. And the story of one lactose intolerant pizza and newspaper delivery boy.

Leland Boothe, milkman extraordinaire & delivery man of the year (for approximately the past 2 decades), is beloved by the people and pets of his community (okay, most of them). One person who is not a particular fan of his is his estranged sister, a competing milk delivery person, who consistently comes in second place to Leland. As a result, Leland isn’t allowed to see his niece. Someone who’s not a particular fan of Leland’s product is Sonny, the lactose intolerant pizza and newspaper delivery boy (though luckily this works out for him in the end). After his rounds one morning, Leland is back home watching television and seemingly quite melancholy when suddenly a news report breaks through – radioactive cows have contaminated the milk! NOOOO!!! Leland races to warn the neighborhood but, alas, he is too late. Except for Sonny. He’s okay, of course. So are Leland’s sister and niece (obviously no child of his sister’s would be drinking HIS milk – as if!). Can this broken family piece things back up? And also not die because of radioactive cows?

I seriously dug the 1950s style of the film. The nostalgia was on fleek. There were a couple of moments, however, that brought more modern elements (such as a cellphone) which honestly kind of undercut the rest of it. Vintage meets new can be a great mix but only if more balanced; 80% vintage and 20% new just doesn’t have the same effect. Other than that though, I liked the aesthetics. The camera work was fantastic – nice, quick, tight shots. GREAT costumes – I would totally raid this wardrobe. TOTES. And the script, while short and sweet, was well-written (if a bit saccharine when it came to the niece’s lines).

Mark Tierno did a wonderful job as Leland. He clearly relished having the familiarity and friendliness with the neighborhood as almost a substitute “family” but also realized that there was still a loneliness that all the awards in the world didn’t take a way. Very strong work from Mr. Tierno. Then there was, of course, his milkman racing the clock to try to save people from the radioactive milk, which was both fun AND funny.

Overall, MILKMAN is a comedic and nostalgic little romp with a heart, one you should take. Check MILKMAN out on IMDB!