Milwood (2013) – By Brian Morton

Everyone loves a movie about kids, even if those kids are in a terrible place and treated terribly at first, because we’re always hoping that things will get better. Well, you’ll find yourself feeling that way while watching a new movie from Roman Media called Milwood.

Milwood is a place for kids who have nowhere else to go, a cross between an orphanage and a boarding school, Milwood is where you’ll go when you either have no one else, or no one wants you. When a young boy’s parents are killed, he finds himself at Milwood, which at first doesn’t seem to be as bad as he thought. But, when the truth begins to reveal itself, he becomes convinced that he’s in a place that’s terribly bad! And, he’s right!

Milwood is one of those movies that will really grab your heart-strings and not just pluck them, but yank them nearly out of your chest! The acting is terrific, the story is great and it’s just one of those movies that, while you might guess what’s going to happen next, you don’t care, you just want to see this all work out for this poor kid! And, while I’m talking about him, the real star of this movie is Christian Goodwin, who plays Nathan, the young man sent to Milwood. If he’s not believable, the whole movie falls apart, and he holds this together like the best glue that Hollywood would have to offer! And, he’s surrounded by genre heavyweights like Jimmy Scanlon, Michelle Romano and Tiffany Shepis, and still manages to stand out!

I’m giving Milwood 4 out of 4 cigars, it’s a terrific movie that will take your from stark terror to triumphant victory in a hour and a half! It’s well worth your time! You can find out more by heading over to