Miss Dial (2013) – By Michael E. Smith

Every once in a while you get lucky enough to find a film that is almost sheer perfection. Miss Dial is that film.

Written and directed by David H. Steinberg the film is almost a throwback to the old romantic comedies of yesteryear. Reminiscent of the old Doris Day/Rock Hudson films like Pillow Talk (especially the phone aspect of the film) and Lover Come Back et al.

Erica is a consumer affairs representative who spends her days as a captive hostage to her laptop computer. She answers all queries directed towards the products her company represent. One day while trying to ring her best friend she dials a wrong number and starts talking to a stranger who just got back from Afghanistan.

This ‘miss dial’ starts Erica on a journey of discovery. A journey that will put her in contact with people from all walks of life. A life that has been passing her by while she stays safe in her comfort zone, until she “meets” someone very special through a ‘miss dial.’

On paper this film shouldn’t work. It’s basically a phone conversation between two people. There is not action; no car chases; no shootings; no sex. Instead of a genre pleasing film, Miss Dial focuses on character, humor, fate, comedy, and a tiny bit of pathos to make it one of the best romantic comedies I’ve ever seen.

From the minute the films animated title sequences start with it’s 50’s style “rhumba rhythm” musical score till it’s oh so satisfying end frame, this film made me laugh and cry. The lead actors, Robinne Lee and Sam Jaeger were beyond brilliant as Erica and Kyle who “meet” while Erica continues her cold calling of strangers just to talk.

If this film does not break all box office records when it opens, it can only be because romance is dead, which it can’t be because this film spoke to the romantic that lives in my heart!

Just catch the trailer here.