Missile to the Moon (1958) – By Jason S. Lockard

Bad Sci-fi films have become something people look for! Maybe it’s the goofy costumes or the bad acting that they love to sit back and laugh at, but people are always looking to uncover another bad movie. Well, Legend Films release of Missile to the Moon is in that category and it’s one B Movie lovers will be ecstatic about.

The film follows a pair of escaped convicts who force a scientist to pilot them to the moon, with two innocent stowaways along for the ride. On the lunar surface they encounter a tribe of she-devils, giant ‘marionette’ spiders and menacing ‘foam’ rock creatures and the campy goodness has never been more wild.

Missile to the Moon has been restored to it’s black and white glory, but also has been colorized so that black and white haters can enjoy the campiness as well! The bonus features are only sci-fi toy commercials and the theatrical trailer, but that more than enough for B movie lovers.

So if you love campy sci-fi films this is one you can’t be without. Head over to www.LegendFilms.com or your local DVD provider and pick up your copy today.

Moral Rating: mild violence
Audience: parental guidance
Genre: horror
Length: 1 hour 17 minutes
DVD Released: 2007
DVD Rating: C-