Misty Mundae Euro-Vixen Collection (2005) – By Brian Morton

Alright, boys and girls, it’s time for everyone to gather around and old uncle Brian is about to teach you a valuable lesson. Yep, it’s time for another one of Brian’s rules of the movies, and this one is a good one. Here it is:

Naked women should be in the living room with me; Chainsaw massacres should be on the TV; Those two things should NEVER be reversed!

And, as is the case with all rules, they are made to be broken, and friends, I haven’t just broken this rule this time, I’ve shattered it in more pieces that our old friend Humpty Dumpty. That’s right, I’ve watched the entire Misty Mundae Euro-Vixen Collection, four movies on three DVDs plus all the bells and whistles that you’d expect from this kind of a DVD.

This three disc DVD set contains the movies Vampire Vixens, Misty Mundae Mummy Raider, Satan’s School For Lust and Roxanna. Now, these are all what’s known as ‘erotic thrillers’ which means that the story is there really for us to get to see the Seduction Cinema girls nude…which isn’t that unpleasant a thing to get to see, they’re all very hot girls!

Here’s a little bit about the movies:

Vampire Vixens is basically a comedic Dracula movie, and by the way that’s pronounced Drac-oo-la. Drac here is a hot chick and Van Helsing is a dorky guy. Dracula’s curse keeps Van Helsing as a complete dork, but when Drac is killed Van Helsing reverts to being a cool guy. But now, Drac has arisen and Van Helsing must track him down to get his cool back!

Misty Mundae Mummy Raider is just what you’d imagine it is. Misty in the Angelina Jolie role, and both Raider and Vixens are played for laughs more than anything else

Satan’s School For Lust is your basic catholic schools girls gone bad movie. This one has Misty as the good girl surrounded by evil Satan worshiping catholic girls. And, at the end, Lust has a surprising twist that I found really good!

Roxanna is purportedly a ‘re-imagining’ of a 70s ‘classic’ exploitation movie by the same name. This one is kind of a mess. Misty plays Roxanna, a drug addicted girl who will do anything for a fix, but somehow in the middle of the movie, the focus shifts from Roxanna to a couple of scientists who talk about another ‘case study’. Roxanna starts out really strong, but there’s just no finish there to speak of. A pretty disappointing end to the collection, if you ask me, and I figured you would.

The good part of this DVD is Misty Mundae who is by far the strongest performer in the Seduction Cinema stable. She’s cute, she has what is called by the directors and producers who are interviewed on the DVD, as “it”, and it’s true, there’s something about Misty that makes you want to watch her. And, she’s not just a cute girl, she’s a very talented actress, I was just a little disappointed that there seems to be more focus on her being naked than on her acting talents.

Overall, Misty Mundae Euro-Vixen Collection is worth seeing, but mostly for the extras, the interview segments reveal an actress who has a lot more on the ball than you’d think at first glance. Misty writes, directs and has made films of her own, and she seems eager to make a movie that doesn’t involve her being nude at some point. And, what’s refreshing about the behind the scenes features is that these are b movies and they’re treated as such, they’re having fun making movies, no one seems to be of the pretentious “we’re making art here” school, and there’s no need to be pretentious about it, these are good movies and they’re fun to watch. There’s no shame in B Movies people! You don’t know how happy I was to see these people making B Movies admiting that they are, in fact, B Movies and there’s no shame anywhere…I almost wept openly.

The only fault I can find in this collection is that I’d like to see Misty act a bit more and nude a bit less…and before you guys out there start sending hate mail, I’ve got nothing against her being nude, she a very attractive girl, but she’s got so much more going for her than that, it wouldn’t be surprising to see her make the jump into the mainstream. The bottom line here is, that the Misty Mundae Euro-Vixen Collection is a great place to be introduced to Misty Mundae and Seduction Cinema and but it’s also a great addition to anyone’s collection who’s already a fan! To get this or any movies from Sedecution Cinema, log onto SeductionCinema.com. Until the next time, when if you’re all lucky, I’ll remain fully clothed, remember that the best movies are bad movies.