Mockingbird (2008) – By Brian Morton

 I had to admit that I might be an ‘old guy’ when I heard some younger guys talking about meeting up with people they’d chatted with online and being completely confused. Why would you want to meet someone who was (most likely) nothing like they described themselves as? And the odds of meeting up with someone whose intentions are, let’s say, less than honorable, are astronomical, so this is something that has me completely confused. But, a new short, Mockingbird, by Scott Eathorne, has me a bit less confused about this modern ritual.

Mockingbird is a short that’s about a woman who’s looking to meet a young man. When we first encounter them, they’re meeting on a park bench. She’s a bit reserved and he’s very quiet and stand-offish. The couple returns to her apartment and, through their conversations, we begin to realize that this young man isn’t there for the reason that we might imagine he’s there…or that he imagines either.

Mockingbird is the fourth movie from Australia that I’ve seen in a month that’s had me both enjoying the film and then sitting back and thinking about what I just saw. What the hell is going on in the ‘land down under’?! Well, whatever it is, I hope that it doesn’t stop any time soon, and I hope to remain on the mailing list! Mockingbird is worth three and a half out of four cigars, it’s not perfect, I would love to have found out a bit more background of both the characters…but maybe that’s also the charm of this movie, you’re given the opportunity to imagine what’s really going on in these characters lives. It’s not unlike a great novel, there’s a great story there, but still plenty of room left for you to fill in the blanks from your own experiences. You can find out more about the movie and find out where you might find a screening by heading over to the Quikmark Media website. I, for one, can’t wait to see more of what these talented filmmakers do! So, until next time, when I’ll be planning my travels to the outback, remember that the best movies are bad movies.