Monday Morning (2005) – By Brian Morton

 If you’ve ever seen a silent movie, then you’ll understand that they have a charm all their own. I don’t know if it’s looking back at a more innocent era, or if it’s the frantic pace the movies move at, but they are fun to watch on occasion. Well, have you ever wondered what a filmmaker like Buster Keaton might be doing if he was making movies today? I have an answer for you, it’s called Monday Morning.

Monday Morning is the story of Trevor, a bumbling guy just trying to get through life…and life isn’t being easy on him, either! Trevor sleeps through his alarm at least three times, then gets a call from his boss, if he’s not at work in half an hour, he’s fired! And that’s where we all can identify with Monday Morning, suddenly under the gun, everything that can go wrong for poor Trevor, does! First there’s no soap in the shower, then the cat spills bleach on his pants, then the car rolls away when he comes back for his jacket and when he catches it, it’s out of gas, and that’s all before he decides to take the bus and things start going really wrong!

Monday Morning is a silent short made in the style of the 1920s original silent movies, and it’s very funny…laugh out loud funny! I found myself both identifying with Trevor and laughing at him. Clocking in at a mere 11 minutes, Monday Morning is worth the time spent, the joke doesn’t get old before the movie is over, and you actually want to see more adventures from poor Trevor…which is good, because another Trevor adventure, The First Date, is also reviewed in this very issue of RC. If you’d like to check out this great silent short, drop over to Fleet Street and get this for yourself, it may be short and it may be silent, but I guarantee you’ll fill that silent void with laughter! So, until next time, when I’ll try to write a whole review using no words…like a silent review, remember that the best movies are bad movies.