MoniKa (2012) – By Loida Garcia

I’ll start of by saying that it took a lot of work in order for me to get to review this film, days of trying to get my xbox 360 to work in order to screen it.  In the mean time the DVD for MoniKa sat on my end table just staring at me.  The cover (different than the poster above) had me thinking that I was in for a movie like “Machete”.  Hence the reason that I was slightly glad my xbox wasn’t working.  Today was the day though, I fixed the issue, slipped in the DVD (yes, we do still receive DVD screeners), and sat back to watch this film while I got some knitting done.  

Then the movie started…I was immediately hooked!  My first impression was that it reminded me of “Momento”, one of my favourites movies.  The movie opens on what looks like this desperate man who has pretty much given up on everything because he hasn’t really gotten anywhere in life.  Reagan (previously stated desperate man) receives a call from a friend who coaxes him to fly out to Vegas and party with him.  Once there he finds himself spending an amazing evening with the woman of his dreams (Monika), only to discover the following morning that she had already died before they even met.  Unleash the can of worms and let the puzzle solving begin!  We are immediately taken on a whirlwind trip to solve not only Monika’s murder but to also help her take revenge for her little sister’s death.

My only “eh” for this film is in the dialogue.  There were some moments in the film where the dialogue seemed strained and unnatural.  Luckily those moments didn’t last long and the information given was pertinent therefore it wasn’t as annoying.  

All of the actors did an amazing job in this film.  The two that stood out the most were Jason Wiles (Reagan) and C. Thomas Howell (Double).  These two men took to their characters so comfortably and naturally that it was an absolute pleasure to watch them!

I will give uber kudos to cinematography.  Fantastic job on making a solid looking film that is above most indie films.  The same goes for all the other departments that worked on this film.  

Overall this was a really fun and intriguing film to watch.  It kept me guessing a bit more than I thought it would which was a delightful surprise.  Fantastic work by everyone on the team, I am glad that I was chosen to screen and review this film.  


My Personal Review:

Rating Scale:  Movie Theatre, Redbox Rental, or Skip It — Movie Theatre

Cheese Factor:  Vegan (no cheese), Teleggio, Limburger, Stinking Bishop — Vegan*ish*