Monsterland (2016) – By Jason S. Lockard


Anthology movies have been making a bit if a resurgence as of late. The latest anthology movie is one from Ruthless Pictures entitled Monsterland.

Amidst a bloody backdrop of chaos and carnage, one panicked, survivor of an apocalypse takes shelter in a movie theater for a few extra moments of life. Little does he know, he’s taken a flying leap out of the frying pan and smack dab into the fire by attending the last movie marathon he’ll ever see.

The eight short stories shown in this anthology film are a little uneven; as is true with most anthology films. Some stories are better than others, but the filmmakers deserve a lot of credit for making a low budget film that doesn’t look like one. The actors sell the terror and make it believable.

So if you are a fan of anthology films or indie horror films give Monsterland a try. Head over to or your local dvd provider today and pick up a copy today.

Moral Rating: Scary images
Audience: Teens and Adults
Genre: horror
Length: 109 minutes
DVD Release: 2016
DVD Rating: B