Mood Changing Movies – By Brian Morton

 We’ve all been there, been in a bad mood, or just feeling a little blue, and you’re just not sure how to get out of your funk. Well, can I make a suggestion? When I’m in need of a mood change the best medicine I’ve found is a movie. That’s right, there’s nothing like a good movie to drag you into it and drag you out of yourself, and that’s sometimes all you need to perk up, cheer up or just generally change your attitude about life. So, good ol’ Dr. Bad Movie Guy, thought he’s prescribe a few movies for some different moods that you might like to find yourself in, so lay back on the couch, breathe normally and turn on the DVD player, here we go!

Feeling a bit lonely? Well, drop down in front of the TV and try a dose of The Princess Bride. This Rob Reiner movie never fails to make me take heart that true love will win out over all obstacles. The story of the Dread Pirate Roberts, who, for the love of his Princess Buttercup, scales the cliff of insanity, travels the fire swamps and battles the rodents of unusual size, can’t help but make you feel that true love is out there for everyone and it will win out over anything!

Is the world getting you down? Feel like no matter how good a job you do, that asshole in the next office always get ahead of you? Well, then, you need a little revenge my friend. No, I’m not suggesting that you lock him in his office and set the building on fire, what I am suggesting is a little vicarious revenge, say through the great movie, Death Wish. This is the story of Paul Kersey. When street punks kill Paul’s family, Paul decides to step away from his pacifist ways and find the guys who did this awful thing and make them pay! This movie is always cathartic for me, we’ve all felt like the underdog, and, while extreme action, like in Death Wish, isn’t always called for, watching this movie can make you feel like you could change things if you really wanted to…and sometimes, that’s enough.

Is your job consuming your life? Does everyone around you complain that you’re a workaholic…that you’re hooked on the workahol? Well, it may be a Christmas movie, but the movie that always makes me feel like appreciating what I have just a little more is the Bill Murray classic, Scrooged. This is really just A Christmas Carol updated, but no one plays an arrogant workaholic like Bill Murray, through the movie you grow to see what’s wrong with him and then, at the end, when the wool is pulled from his eyes…well, let’s just say that this is one of the few movies that can actually make the Bad Movie Guy tear up. Scrooged is definitely the prescription for taking a break and enjoying your life a little more.

 Feeling a little too comfortable? Want to spend a couple of hours looking over your shoulder? Well, if you want to be a little freaked out for a while, and, let’s face it, it’s good to get that adrenaline pumping once in a while, the movie I’ll prescribe for this is The Silence Of The Lambs. Now, while there may be movies that you find scarier, it’s this story of Hannibal Lector helping Clarice Starling hunt for Buffalo Bill, the killer who’s making a woman suit out of actual woman, that will finally make you think that maybe your neighbor has a pit in this basement floor that he keeps helpless victims in. This is the only movie that, after seeing it the first time, I looked at everyone a little differently. So, for a nice dose of paranoia, drop in The Silence Of The Lambs and remember, it puts the lotion on it’s skin and it doesn’t get the hose!

So, now that you’re all freaked out and peaking out through the curtains, how about something to bring you back and cheer you up? For that the only movie that never fails to break any spell on me and make me happy is Bachelor Party. These Tom Hanks movies has everything, drug humor, good old-fashioned guy fun, an Indian pimp named Rajah and his hulking enforcer Milt and, let’s not forget Marvin The Magical Sexual Mule! If this movie doesn’t make you laugh and want to hang out with your buddies, then you might need some actual medication!

So, there you go, a few mood-altering movies for your enjoyment. If you have a specific mood movie need, then you can contact me at and I can make a personal suggestion. Until then, my advice is always, take two movies and call me in the morning!