Morbid Curiosity (2006) – By Nic Brown

What would happen if your deepest, darkest thoughts came true – just by thinking them? That’s the question that writer Matthew Irving and director Cindy Baer ask in their short film MORBID CURIOSITY. Destiny (Cindy Baer) is a young woman recounting an interesting tale. Since a very young age, whenever she would imagine something bad happening to someone, it would. It started with a painter on a ladder falling to his death, impaled on a garden gnome. A coincidence? Perhaps, but it didn’t stop there. Destiny’s fertile imagination results in death after death. What she thinks, happens. Friends, family, strangers, they all meet interesting ends at the hands of Destiny’s thoughts. Is she a monster or is it truly something she can’t control as the ‘morbid curiosity’ that is part of us all manifests itself in the real world.

Irving’s story makes for good fantasy; it would fit nicely into an episode of THE TWILIGHT ZONE or THE X-FILES. The short film is also done in an interesting way, with Destiny telling her own story to a camera man, with cutaways to still photos that show the victims of her unusual power. This allows the filmmakers to tell the story quickly and with often humorous visuals, for a reasonable budget. The old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words really works here as the viewer is flipped through a macabre, but funny, photo album of death and mayhem. If they’d tried to film these scenes instead of letting the pictures tell the story, they wouldn’t be able to do it in the confines of a less than ten minute short. The bottom line is check out MORBID CURIOSITY. It’s fun and asks a good question about the idea of self control and personal responsibility, not just for our actions, but our thoughts as well.