Mortuary (2006) – By Jason S. Lockard

The film Mortuary was directed by horror legend Tobe Hooper; the man that brought us the low budget masterpiece of horror Texas Chainsaw Massacre. While Tobe is a great director there is only so much a director can do with a script.

The film follows a widow with two children who move the small town of Santa Loraina, California, and into the decrepit, long-abandoned Fowler Funeral Home. Legend has it that the old funeral home is haunted, but this isn’t going to scare Leslie Doyle (Denise Crosby, Pet Semetary) away. The Doyle’s soon uncover that the evil inhabits the grounds of their estate is much more than just stories.

Mortuary has some good scary moments and the story is ok, but not great. Which is a shame because I love Tobe Hooper’s masterpiece and was hoping for another great scare fest.

As far as the Blu-Ray goes not only do you get the crystal clear version of this film, but you get bonus features including; Director’s commentary, ‘Inside the Graveyard’ behind the scenes featurette and the theatrical trailer.

So if you love Tobe Hooper and have to own everything he ever directed, well than pick up Mortuary. If you don’t go in expecting much you won’t be disappointed. Head over to or your local Blu-ray provider.

Moral Rating: adult language, gore and brief nudity
Audience: Mature audience
Genre: horror
Length: 1 hour 33 minutes
DVD Released: 2008
DVD Rating: C-