Motocross Zombies From Hell (2007) – By Brian Morton

 If you remember a few months back, I had the chance to see a movie called Zombies Gone Wild, well, the people who brought us that very strange movie are back, with Motocross Zombies From Hell.

The story here is pretty simple (at first), Cody is a motocross racer, Tom, his friend is also his mechanic and Lori, their friend helps by setting up races and making sure everything is taken care of on the road. At a race in the desert, the crew comes across a very strange racing team, and when he approaches them a fight nearly takes place. Then, on the track, this same team tries to eliminate Cody completely. Well, when they appear the next morning, Cody follows them into some rocks and discovers body parts and blood everywhere and the two racers chase him back to his camp, where the chase continues to an abandoned house. At the house, our crew finds themselves without transportation and night approaching! Now, our trio finds themselves surrounded by zombies and motocross racers and fighting for their lives.

While light-years ahead of Zombies Gone Wild, Motocross Zombies From Hell falls down in a couple of places. We’re never really sure what’s going on, the zombies rise, but we don’t know what is bringing them back and (unlike most zombies) these can be shot anywhere to be killed…although I think this device was employed mostly for budgetary reasons (squibs are much cheaper than latex heads!), there’s also no explanation for the leader of the motocross team, who appears very menacingly in the early part of the movie and then just disappears, there’s also a scene toward the end, where it appears we’re going to get some kind of explanation when one of the motocross zombies gets off his bike and gets in the house, he’s dispatched before any sort of revelation can be made about why this is going on! Aside from a ‘voice over’ from Satan to end the film (which hints at a sequel), there’s no sort of sense made of the movie by the end.

I’m giving Motocross Zombies From Hell two out of four cigars, while the acting is good and the story is interesting (although similar to the original Hills Have Eyes 2 in many ways), it takes too long to get to the horror action and when we do, there’s really no reason for what’s going on. You can check out Motocross Zombies From Hell for yourself by heading over to Motocross Zombies From, if you’re a motocross or zombies…you might enjoy this movie. So, until next time, when I’ll be nailing shut the windows, barring the doors and strapping myself to my chair, all just to watch movies for you, remember that the best movies are bad movies.