Mr. and Mrs. North Collection (1952-1954) By Jason S. Lockard

Many people may only know Mr. and Mrs. North from the film starring Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. But Mr. and Mrs. North was first a popular book series that moved to radio and then to television. Now Synergy Entertainment has released a collection of the classic TV series on DVD.  

This series stars Richard Denning and Barbara Britton as the sophisticated Mr. and Mrs. North from Greenwich Village, are amateur sleuths who investigate crimes and seem to always solve them before the police do. This series is filled with drama and a touch of humor.

Long before there was TV shows McMillian and Wife and Hart to Hart. Mr. and Mrs. North paved the way for husband and wife detective teams. This 4 disk DVD collection brings us 50 classic episodes from the two season run of Mr. and Mrs. North. The episodes in this collection are in really nice audio and video quality. This is the best collection of this series you’ll find anywhere and I am proud do display on my shelf.

So if your a fan of classic television or you love husband and wife sleuths. You have to check out this amazing collection. I highly recommend you head over to or your local DVD provider and find out how you can get your copy today!

Moral Rating: mild violence
Audience: Parental Guidance
Genre: crime drama
Length: Over 20 hours
DVD Released: 2014
DVD Rating: A+