Mr. Mullen (2010) – By Brian Morton

Between the housing market, the unemployment rise and the war on terror, there are a lot of reasons to not trust our government! Thomas Jefferson once said that the tree of liberty is watered with the blood of patriots and it seems that more and more people are calling for some kind of uprising to "take back our government". Well, a new movie by Scott Goldberg uses that sentiment and takes it to its wildest (and most dangerous) extreme.

The movie is Mr. Mullen and it’s a short tale of one man who’s lost everything and is at his wits end and is just looking for some justice from the system. But, since he can’t get that, he decides to take down the corrupt politician who’s at the heart of it all, Mr. Mullen!

Now, if you don’t identify with Chris Mitchell (the ‘hero’ of the tale) then you’re probably in danger of becoming his (or someone like his) target. The real issue that Scott touches on here is the frustration that most of us are feeling lately with our government, whether it be local, state or federal. All the ‘hope and change’ that we were promised has turned out to be, largely, more of the same, and we’re all starting to feel it to some extent. Mr. Mullen is horrifying because it hits so close to the truth, it wouldn’t be a big surprise to see things like this begin to happen, and Scott is one of the few filmmakers to actually put it out there in a realistic way!

I’m giving Mr. Mullen 4 out of 4 cigars, it’s a great short. It will scare you and make you think about what’s going on and what might be the outcome of it all. You can find out more about Mr. Mullen by heading over to