Music of the Heart (1999) – By Jason S. Lockard

"Music of the Heart" is a true story of a violin teacher named Roberta Guaspari played by Academy Award winner Meryl Streep, a mother of two whose husband leaves her, falls into hard times trying to find her purpose in life.

A chance meeting with an old friend in a department store one day, the old friend (Aidan Quinn) tells her about a high school in Harlem that might have an opening, before you know it Guaspari is trying to sell a reluctant principal (Angela Bassett) on what could be accomplished if she and the students are just given the chance.

With little funds to draw from Guaspari is persistent and establishes a music program, despite predictable difficulties, including the obligatory mother who complains her children are being taught the music of "dead white men." Much to the surprise of the principal Guaspari’s program is a success, that is until funding is cut! Something has to be done so that the inner city kids won’t suffer from the loss of the joy of music! What can they do? You’ll have to see the film and watch how that save the program!

Music of the heart is directed by Wes Craven, yes I have it right horror master Wes Craven and I have to say in my humble opinion this is Wes Craven’s greatest film! Music lovers, drama lovers or even just fans of good films need to see this film.

While the DVD is bare bones and doesn’t have any bonus features the film is good enough for me and for just $7 it’s not bad. Now with the Blu Ray at only $15 you get a lot of bonus features, so you may want to shell out a copy extra bucks and get some of the cool bonus features.

Music of the heart will have your heart breaking one minute and cheering at the unbreakable human spirit the next! Visit Echo Bridge Website at and pick up your copy today! You won’t be disappointed!

Moral Rating: Adult Language
Audience: Parental Guidance
Genre: Drama
Length: Over 2 hours
DVD Released: 2013
Our DVD Rating: A+