Mutant Girls Squad (2010) – By Duane L. Martin

Even though she’s truly beautiful and has two wonderful and very loving parents, Rin (Yumi Sugimoto) has been having a hard time of it. She’s bullied at school by a rich girl and her lackey friends, and on top of that, her hand has started to twitch and hurt, especially when she gets angry or upset. Now it’s her 16th birthday, and her father has something to tell her. It turns out, he’s a mutant. He’s got these…things that can pop out at will (I don’t even know how to describe them) where his nipples and crotch are. Her mother however is human, and Rin’s a half breed. They weren’t sure if she’d be a mutant or not, but once a mutant gets to be around 16 years old, their "treasure" as they refer to it comes out, and that’s what’s been happening to Rin.

Before this however, there was an incident at school where she was knocked down the stairs by the girl that had been bullying her, and she ended up in the nurse’s office. The nurse had identified her as a HILKO (as the mutants are referred to as in this film), and reported her to the authorities. Scared, strapped to a table and about to get drugged by the nurse, Rin’s "treasure" exposes itself for the first time. Wires shoot out of her hand, slicing off the ear of the nurse, allowing her to escape. Now fast forward to the reveal by her parents. Just as she asks her mom if she’s a mutant as well, her mother doesn’t get to answer before her head explodes from a bullet fired by the anti-HILKO squad that had just entered their home. Rin’s father tries to protect her, but has his head cut off by their leader, and that’s when Rin’s "treasure" finally comes fully out. She has a mutant claw hand with wires coming up the back and extending down to the end of the fingers. With her powers fully exposed now, she goes on a killing spree, taking out the anti-HILKO squad, and then in a very long massacre, takes out most of a city block around a local mall as the people see her hand and think that she’s some mystical barbarian that comes down out of the mountain every ten years and begin to attack her. The kills are as brutal as they are comical, with copious amounts of blood spray and cartoonish violence that’s incredibly entertaining.

From this point, Rin is recruited by Rei and Mr. Kisaragi (Tak Sakaguchi) into the mutant girl’s squad that Mr. Kisaragi has been forming to go to war with the humans. For thousands of years the HILKO had lived at peace, but human hatred and an attempt by the prime minister of Japan to wipe them out with his anti-HILKO forces had forced them to fight back.

The other girls in the squad all have varying "treasures". One girl who becomes her best friend, Yoshie (Suzuka Morita), is the cosplay nurse. She can turn her arms into octopus tentacles with blade/claw protrusions that she can manipulate to act like a saw blade, and she also has a sucker protrusion that comes out around her lower face which she can use to…well, it’s weird. You’d have to see it, but it’s very effective at killing people. Rei (Yuko Takayama, also very beautiful) is her trainer. She has metallic head and arm feathers that she can bring out, and her arm protrusions also have blades on them, which she can use to slice people up. Other girls’ "treasures" include an ass chainsaw, boobs with sword blades sticking out of them, a girl with little arms that pop out the sides of her head, a girl with a red mark on her face, a girl with the deformed head of her brother on a rope, a girl with katana blades at the ends of her arms instead of hands, a girl whose whole torso on the front is a big, goofy looking monster face, etc…. Mr. Kisaragi’s "treasure" is a flesh belly sword that he has trouble keeping stiff, but to make up for it, he’s very damn good with real swords.

When Rei’s first assignment goes as planned and a whole party of anti-HILKO government and buisiness people are massacred, including their new secret weapon, after it’s all over, Rin is ordered to kill the last few survivors, including the girl who bullied her at school as she cried over her father and begged for mercy. Rin couldn’t kill them, so Rei stepped in and did it. After this, Mr. Kisaragi starts using terrorist tactics, sending the girls out on suicide missions with bomb belts. It’s then that Rin and Yoshie turn against them and try to stop Mr. Kirasagi, but can they get Rei on board before it’s too late, or is she too brainwashed by the mission to change?

I know this is an incredibly long description of the film, and it doesn’t even remotely cover everything that goes on, but it was necessary to give a good feel for what the story is. Now for the review bit…

This film, like many others from Sushi Typhoon, is full of extreme violence, gore, blood spray, CGI effects and silly humor. Some of the CGI effects look great, like the mutant transformations and what not, while others look very cartoonish and weak, like people getting their heads sliced into three. Even at it’s weakest, the CGI in this film is still quite fun and entertaining, and it doesn’t dominate every effect. There’s a lot of great make up and model effects in this film as well.

Something I really love about this film is the variety of mutations and how those mutations are used in the fight scenes. In one scene, a girl’s face is sliced into three pieces, which is done with a model rather than CGI (different from the other CGI head slice scenes). The mutations are all make-up and prosthetic based for the most part, which is really great to see. There’s a giant…thing that Mr. Kisaragi worships called Lord Izanami. It’s like this giant, headless…thing, with long arms that have giant fin-like blades at the end instead of hands, and when it’s fed blood, it sprouts a brain and a head and comes to life and Mr. Kisaragi wears it like a suit and becomes a part of it, intending to rule Japan through its power. It’s got giant boobs, one on each side of Kisaragi’s head, that shoot acid milk. No, I didn’t stutter.

That’s how goofy, stupid and hilariously fun this film is. There are scenes in this film that are so shockingly hilarious, they’ll literally have you laughing out loud. It also has one of the most awesome kills I’ve ever seen in a film, which I won’t get into describing here, because it would ruin the shock value of it. Let’s just say, it was both complicated and visually awesome.

The last time I saw Tak Sakaguchi was when I reviewed his film Yakuza Weapon, which actually came out the following year. I loved that film, and I love this one. Seriously, I’m a fan. I’m really digging his movies a lot, and he’s even in other films that I’ve seen previously that I’ve seen, but didn’t realize he was in, like Azumi, and Godzilla: Final Wars. I’m definitely going to be looking to check out more of his films in the future.

The acting in the film was about what you’d expect for a film of this nature. It was very good, but at the same time had a very comic book feel to it, which not only suited the story incredibly well, but also the look and feel of the film in general.

If you’re into these kinds of ultra violence and gore films with a very silly, comic side to them, the I can’t recommend this one enough. It’s fun, it’s shocking and it’s hilarious. Combine that with some really amazingly pretty girls, and a story that will keep you smiling, and you have a real winner.

This release from Well Go USA has several special features, including an opening day feature, Interviews, a "making of" featurette, trailers, and an extra short called "Yoshie Zero" that shows how Yoshie discovered her "treasure" and what she went through with it, as well as how she met Mr. Kisaragi, which you should definitely watch right after you finish the film.

This is another quality release from Well Go USA, a company that I simply can’t say enough good things about. Like Synapse and some others, when you buy a Well Go USA release, you know you’re going to get quality, and this one is no exception.

If you’d like to find out more about this release, or to pick yourself up a copy (which I highly recommend), you can check out its page on the Well Go USA website here, or grab yourself a copy of the blu-ray + DVD combo pack, or the regular DVD release from Amazon.