Mutilation Mile (2010) – By Brian Morton

If you’ve ever seen a Ron Atkins movie then you know that Ron is known for his love of the bizarre and the disturbing. Well, his latest, Mutilation Mile, doesn’t change any of that!

Jimmy and Jack DeGrasso are a couple of low level crooks whose Uncle Sal happens to be connected to the mafia. Sal throws the boys some jobs and, in return, the boys are ever loyal to their dear old uncle. But, when Uncle Sal turns up dead, Jimmy and Jack go on a rampage trying to find the person who killed him! The ensuing orgiastic bloodbath is something that could only come from the mind of Ron Atkins! Its one violent scene right after the other, and Jimmy and Jack are both depicted as erratic, maniacs.

Mutilation Mile is ‘inspired by true events’, and it would have to be inspired, because I can’t imagine anyone being as out of control as Jimmy and Jack are in this movie! Anything can set Jimmy and Jack off at any time, resulting in death in any number of ways. The only real problem I had with Mutilation Mile is that there’s so much violence that it just never relents. There’s no down time for the viewer to figure out what’s going on, and some of the things that Jimmy and Jack do make very little sense to the audience. Did I enjoy the movie? Yes. Would I recommend it to someone who wasn’t familiar with Mr. Atkins previous works. Probably, but only after preparing them for the ensuing bloodbath!

I’m giving Ron Atkins’ Mutilation Mile 3 out of 4 cigars, it’s not for anyone, but if this is your cup of tea, it’ll be overflowing with blood! Get in on the gory goodness for yourself by clicking over to