My Father’s Tools (2017) – Jim Morazzini


Heather Condo’s seven minute short Tools of My Father is an interesting look at her husband Stephen Jerome, a traditional basket maker from the Mi’gmaq community of Gesgapegiag in Quebec, Canada. Stephen continues his father’s craft as a way to both honor his father and find his own peace of mind.

Produced by Wapikoni mobile a portable studio fully equipped with cutting-edge technology that “travels to” First Nations communities and screened at the Sundance Film Festival it’s a nice look at what is rapidly becoming a lost art.

“This is an important story to tell because of the lack of knowledge there is on the tradition of basket making. Our ancestors made baskets for thousands of years. We have not found anyone in Eastern Canada yet that makes these types of baskets. It is extremely important to capture Stephen’s work now for future generations,” says director Heather Condo.

The short should play other festivals before hopefully finding a home on a streaming site.


Wapikoni Mobile: