My Favorite Movie (2011) – By Brian Morton

There are two things that indie filmmakers think they can do. Zombie movies and comedies. And, while both are fine genres, if not done well, a movie can fall right on its face. Well, a new movie from Dream Team Cinema, My Favorite Movie, might just be my favorite indie comedy of the year.

Basically, this is the tale of Dave, and Dave is depressed. He’s mostly depressed because he hangs out with people who seem to be living out their dreams while still remaining total idiots. There’s ‘The Steve’, who will make sure you use the ‘The’ in his name…his name isn’t ‘Steve’, it’s ‘The Steve’, and there’s Jerry, a sort of weird, new age-ish, hippie, slacker, stock trader (if that makes sense) who’s made his money from spilling hot coffee in his crotch. These three friends seem to move through life at their own pace. But, when Dave falls in love with a girl who works at McDuck’s…Jerry’s arch enemy…things get a bit tense between the friends.

My Favorite Movie has clearly been made by a group of filmmakers who also happen to be friends, and that fun, camaraderie comes across in the movie, which makes it a bit more fun to watch. And, that just adds to the wackiness that ensues here, from the ‘Blendy’s Nazi’ thru the stand up comedian who has a passionate hated of clowns, My Favorite Movie keeps moving from one ridiculous situation to the next as smoothly as we do it in life! The story is fun, and a bit touching in the end, and is a real statement on friendship and what it really means in the end. I’m giving My Favorite Year 4 out of 4 cigars, it’s a lot of fun and makes you wish you had all your goofy friends around you to pursue a few wacky adventures of your own! Find out more by heading over to