My Mouth Lies Screaming (2009) – By Duane L. Martin

Last month I reviewed Michael Legge’s latest film Evan Straw. After that review appeared, he asked if he could send me his previous films to review. I liked Evan Straw, so naturally I was happy to accept his others without hesitation. He told me they were different and more humorous, which sounded great. Let me just say, he wasn’t kidding.

In this film, a serial killer known as The Bow Tie Killer, is running around killing women by slashing them to death with the edge of the clip in a bow tie, for reasons which are finally explained at the end of the film. This actually works out quite well for Antonio (Robin Gabrielli) and Evilyn (Cherry Lynn Zinger), who are having an affair and both want their spouses dead so they can be free to be together. Antonio is married to a short little moron named Dumbelina (Diane Mela), while Evilyn’s husband, played by writer/director Michael Legge, has a laundry list of maladies that range from a mechanical heart that needs frequent winding, to one eye, to a thumb that’s been cut off and sewn back on to a severe case of vertigo that requires him to have two large helium baloons tied to him at all times to hold him up.

Antonio comes up with the idea to kill his wife with a bow tie and then claim that it was the Bow Tie Killer that did it. Once that was done, all that was left was for Evilyn to kill her husband, so they could finally be together. Unfortunately, complications keep arising that interfere with their evil scheme. First, Antonio’s wife just doesn’t seem to want to stay dead, and Evilyn’s husband’s doctor and nurse that are around him constantly keep interfering in their plans. Oh, and not only that, but the Bow Tie Killer has a little bone to pick with Antonio and Evilyn as well. Will their diabolical plans ever work out? You’ll have to watch the movie to find out.

Michael Legge sent me two films, this one and The Dungeon of Dr. Dreck, and all I can say is…THANK YOU! I haven’t seen an indie comedy, much less two of them in a row, that had me literally laughing out loud like these two films did. From the first scene where Antonio runs over a pedestrian with his car on purpose and then goofs on the guy to Evilyn for being a pedestrian and not having a fast car, to the surprising and really brilliant ending, this movie was just pure fun and hilarity from start to finish.

A big part of what made this film so fun is how cheesy the acting is. The whole cast was great at really stepping up the cheesiness of it all, and Michael Legge himself is not only one of my new favorite indie film makers, but my new favorite indie actor as well. He’s great in all three films, and I have a special note about his performance in The Dungeon of Dr. Dreck, that I’ll save for that review, but let me just say, he’s hella fun to watch on the screen. Lorna Noguiera, who plays Nurse Rotunda (a nurse with a heavy baloon fetish) in this film, also appears in the other two films. She was however given a smaller, though very amusing side role in this one.

The story itself, considering it’s a goofy comedy, is actually really well written and flows well from one insanity to the next. The technicals of the film are kind of a mixed bag however. While it was well edited and had good sound, the lighting could have been better in some of the darker scenes, and the video quality suffered for it. The darker scenes often get noisy visually. In general, the video quality is ranges from ok to pretty decent. This range of video quality is only due to the limitations of the camera used to shoot the film and the various lighting and environmental scenerios it was used in. I don’t hold this against indie film makers at all, as not everyone can afford to load up on expensive cameras and gear. What I look at is how well they do with what they have to work with, and in my opinion, Michael Legge did an excellent job in putting this film together.

The visual effects often look totally cheap, but that’s what they’re supposed to look like. It’s fun, and totally in keeping with the whole vibe and silliness of the film. Flashy, snazzy visual effects would have completely ruined this film, simply because they would have both looked and felt totally out of place. That’s not the kind of a film this is, and Michael obviously knew exactly what he was making and how to best compliment the content of the film with various cheesy visuals, which worked out great and was a real treat to watch.

I know Michael has a great love of classic b-movies, and that really shows in the films he makes. They look and feel like good ol’ fun and cheesy b-movies. I’m totally a fan now, and I highly recommend checking out his films. They’re really great and all kinds of fun. I personally had the most fun with Dr. Dreck, but they’re all great, so check ’em out. If you like silly, fun films, you’ll really enjoy them.

If you’d like to find out more about Michael’s films, you can check out the Sideshow Cinema website here, and the Sideshow Cinema Facebook page, here.  Do yourself a favor and check out his films. There’s lots of great, cheesy fun to be had!